Humiliation and teasing ideas: Cuckold and SPH edition! (inspired by Locked in Love)

  1. Tease me that you are only using me for practice and that you only really enjoy it when you are fucking another guy. 
  2.  Talk about other, better lovers.
  3. Talk about other cocks when you are having sex with me… let me know you would prefer something else, something better.
  4.  Tease my penis and my ability to satisfy you. 
  5. As a surprise, make me put a condom on.  Tell me that you are not ready to let him cum inside you except on very very special occasions.  Tell me that is a privilege you might allow someone else, but definitely not me. (be sure to keep the contents of the condom for later use)
  6.  Stop me when you are making love and make me pull out, then sit on my face as a surprise.  Don’t let me have any room to move my head out of the way, hold it in place strong.
  7.  Simply stop me in the middle of making love, make me pull out of you and tell me you can’t feel anything and don’t want to continue with such a pathetic little cock. Make me pull out and put on a strapon instead in order to bring you to orgasm.
  8.  Tease me about what my ex-girlfriends must have thought of me, and my pathetic fetishes.  Tell me that you’ve had a chance to talk with one of them and you heard from her that she knew about my perverted secrets.  Tell me that she just laughed so hard listening to all the ways you humiliate me now and asked if she can help humiliate me some time. Tease about what they must do now with their boyfriends, which they could of probably never done with me.
  9. When kissing passionately and about to make love, as soon as he takes his pants off, stop me, then bring me to the mirror and tell me to look at himself in panties. Take me to the full length mirror and make me look at myself. Tell me you can’t fuck a guy who wears panties, then either get a strapon or ask me to find you a real man.

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